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DLX technology

Rose Velvet offers a unique solution to the problems encountered by employees required to wear work shoes.

Thanks to DLX technology, Rose Velvet shoes offer lasting comfort and effectively prevent the risk of musculo-skeletal injury.

Borrowed from medical orthopedics and sports shoes, and specifically redesigned for the professions targetted by ROSE VELVET, DLX is a bi-density memory foam, anti-impact, breathing and anti-friction.  DLX promises reliable and lasting performance, time after time. Treated with Microban, it protects the feet from microbial growth.

An anti-static procedure can be added to this DLX technology (standard on products sold via this website and an option for special orders) in order to prevent the risk of static discharge on carpets

Also available as an option on certain models is an « Alarm Free » system, allowing the passage of security portals without setting off the alarm.

Every step becomes a unique experience, rich with new sensations :

Support, cushioning, an immediate and lasting sense of comfort, no heat build-up from friction, allowing the foot to breathe, flexibility and prevention of corns and blisters.

Feet, back, metatarsals and joints are significantly protected.

Exclusive Rose Velvet technology guarantees you lasting comfort for prolonged standing.

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