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An intuitive philosophy built on the notion of performance through well-being.

This is the declared ambition of  the ROSE VELVET brand, whose mission is to cater both for the needs of the users and for the profitability requirements of their employers.

Re-humanise the working world
and make it more efficient

Feeling happy and valued in one's work can change everything.

It increases very significantly nearly all the indicators : 






(Hay Group)



(Shawn Archor)




*Research and philosophy of Zappos business model

Happy employees make for delighted customers!

Rose-Velvet is committed !

Motivated by the very philosophy of its commitment to a happier society that is « more beautiful in every way », ROSE VELVET holds DEEP VALUES of : 

  •     Quality
  •     Respect for its commitments and for people
  •     Demanding but generous towards its partners  
  •     Innovation and creativity at the service of life-improvement
  •     Development
  •     Transparency
  •     Honesty
  •     Mutual confidence
  •     Loyalty.

This commitment, with its high level of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), ROSE VELVET applies in the first place to itself :

  •     Choosing EUROPEAN MANUFACTURING PARTNERS who favour the physical and psycho-sociological well-being of their employees as well as the quality and harmlessness of materials used in production.
  •     In the quality, comfort, security and refinement of its own premises and in its own operating rules concerning  « FAIRTRADE PURCHASING» and MANAGEMENT
  •     In its friendly and equitable relations with all its SUB-CONTRACTORS, making them aware of their responsibilities and the rôle they play.
  •     In its commercial policy towards its PARTNERS, whether clothing manufacturers, image-makers or distributors, by its commitment to respecting the confidentiality of files entrusted to it, as well as any non-competition clauses.   

Conscious of the fact that not all employees are fortunate enough to be provided with shoes by their employer, ROSE VELVET wishes to avoid discrimination and so has decided to cater for the needs of individuals by creating this retail website, accessible to all.

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