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Who are we ?

ROSE VELVET, a young company, small enough to be human and large enough to have ambitions !

ROSE VELVET is a young company of human proportions whose ambition is to become the indisputable reference in terms of professional shoes with an image in France, Europe and, why not, worldwide, based, through a relationship of openness and trust, on a network of partners, both uniform manufacturers and professional distributors in each country.

Anne Duranton

Company manager

After 15 years of passion for shoes in a large fashion group, I was convinced that performance in the workplace could and should be improved by the well-being and the pleasure of the employees.

My aim : to re-humanise the working world, reconcile companies with their employees, making them happier in their job and more efficient!

Nathalie Aubin

Shoe designer

As a shoe designer for 25 years, with a passion for my job,I wanted to create a truly timeless product, that would be both good-looking and comfortable.  A shoe to be the friend and partner of our daily life.

Our multilingual team is run by Anne DURANTON, who was for 15 years responsible for the shoe department of a large fashion group, and is accompanied, upstream and downstream, by qualified experts : Alberto, Carmelia and Rosas, who are responsible for supervising development and production control in Portugal, Nathalie, who is in charge of design and style, Marie, who is responsible for development and commercial administration.  Gaëlle will be joining us shortly to complete the team!

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